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The brief

The goal was simple. Increase redemptions. And in the process, implement and adapt new brand direction as set by the UK for the AUS market.


The strategy

The process began with an analysis of the redemption process. Identifying how customers gained exposure to the promotion. How they activated their redemptions. What redemptions they had to choose from. Through this process we highlighted areas of strength, weakness and opportunity. Then formed a strategy counter to the standard customer flow to enable us to build the right foundations for success. There was no point increasing exposure to the campaign if the mechanics of redemptions were unable to facilitate an increase in traffic.

The idea

An analysis of the types of redemptions that had previously been offered and developing an understanding what potential variations of redemptions could be offered in the future allowed us to identify a key area of opportunity. The categorisation of offers. In the past there had been dozens and dozens of offers in order to increase the reach and value during each 3 month promotional period. This was problematic for promotions, due to the quantity of information that needed to be communicated. Furthermore it created usability issue for the redemption website. Users found it very difficult to identify which variation of offer they were eligible for.

By grouping redemptions by the item being redeemed we were able to create a parent “offer” that simplified communication and increased usability. This resulted in 24 redemptions becoming 6 offers.

This formed the foundation of an entirely new approach to the communication and changed the structure of all the subsequent elements in the campaign. The Website, the Catalogue, the Point of sale, the Retailer digital marketing kit, all had to change.

A new redemption website

Next was the method of redemption. The current redemption website was unable to facilitate this type of offer, was difficult to use, and resulted in increased manual management, increased redemption fulfilment time and reduction in customer satisfaction.

Having identified this weakness, the brief would only be successfully fulfilled if we were able to redesign and redevelop the redemption website to solve these issues and allow for the new format of offer.

This site was designed and built to achieve two key goals. Firstly to ensure the back end platform and custom built modules were future proofed to be able to handle all manner of redemption offers. Secondly to make it as easy as possible for tradies to redeem products on mobile devices whilst on the go. By achieving these two goals, we increased the ease & speed with which tradies could redeem online, increasing their satisfaction. The follow on effect of this was a massive reduction in user enquiry and manual processing client side, saving time and money.

Easy to use

The key to this site was designing a user experience and GUI that worked seamlessly from mobile device to desktop. The success of this lay in the design decision to seperate the form into key steps allowing step by step validation that reduced errors and guided the user through the process.

Responsive interface

The site was designed with a fully responsive interface to ensure the perfect experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. This was also key to maximising SEO.

Powerful content management system (CMS)

A powerful Drop & Drag Content Management System that allows for quick updating and change to design, layout and theme without the need for coding. Coupled with custom built redemption form modules designed for flexibility and data collection for ultimate future proofing.

Improving on a market leading catalogue

How do we connect with our customers? How do we help them understand the value and range of redemptions available to them? Increased focus on communication through the promotional catalogue, the current cornerstone of the quarterly program.

By maintaining the exisiting strengths of the catalogue, whilst including the new design & content features, we were able to leverage its readership to drive uptake.

A mix of news and promotions

Content was adapted to include more news and editorial. This had a two fold effect, increasing readability and time spent browsing through the catalogue, whilst allowing us to highlight new products, key features and benefits.

Making offers stand out

To help highlight offers to readers we introduced a gatefold treatment. By promoting 1 offer per spread, featured on the gatefold, communication was simplified and readers were able to easily understand the value on offer.

Implementing a new brand direction / adapting a european style guide

This campaign was released in line with a new brand & style guide direction from the parent division in Europe. This new direction had to be adapted for our new “offer” based approach and for the Australian market and its individual needs.

Adding a new point of sale dimension

Previously all redemptions were promoted via a single poster, forcing us to fight for exposure at point of sale. The new “offer” structure allowed to solve that issue.

6 Offers rather than 24 redemptions meant we could support retailers with shelf wobblers, tear off pads, flyers and posters that could easily be placed around the store wherever a related product was situated.

This decreased the amount of variation required, increasing print quantities and cost efficiencies.

Increasing digital exposure

Ramping up Email marketing, Adwords, and social media activations through Instagram and Facebook. All of which was then adjusted and packaged for retailers to push through their own digital channels, dramatically increasing our reach.

Full service requires an omni channel approach

Good ideas can only come to life when activated properly using all channels required to reach the customer during the Buy-in Process.


Press Printing

Fast turn around, quality, large & small run press printing.


Mail House

Pick & pack and sending direct to retailers in time for launch.




Built on one of the worlds most popular & flexible platforms.

Google Analytics

Integrated with analytics to allow full user tracking and goal analysis.



Facebook & Instagram

Leveraging and growing social followers to drive action.

Email Marketing

Marketing directly to an engaged audience.

Google Adwords & SEO

A combination of paid and organic search engine results to drive site traffic.

The outcome

From brief to fulfilment the initial campaign took 4 months to conceptualise, design, build and implement. We worked closely with the client throughout the process to ensure the changes we were implementing would resonate throughout the business from retailers, to the sales team, to the admin team, to accounts and fulfilment teams.

The resulting campaign launch was the most successful redemption program in the history of DEWALT Australia. There were dramatic increases across every key performance metric, including social engagement, email marketing opens & clicks, traffic to site, time on site, retailer feedback and most importantly number of redemptions claimed. In fact there was a 400% increase in redemptions, quarter on quarter. Brief answered.

Increase in redemptions and page views post campaign launch

We were extremely proud of the work done and the success of the campaign. But the greatest indicator of success for us was the ongoing success that the quarterly promotional program has resulted in. The fact that the success seen in the first quarter has been sustained and in many ways continued to grow over the course of the following 18 months points to a deep understanding of the key factors that drove success.

This wasn’t a superficial redesign of a catalogue or cosmetic makeover of a website. This success came from understanding the client, their business, their goals, their hurdles, and the customer, what they wanted, and how to communicate with them. This understanding of giving the customer what they want is best shown in the success of the email marketing. The database size has tripled, whilst the unsubscribe rate reduced from 4% to 0.15% during the same period.

Growth of DEWALT Database size vs unsubscribe rate

The final and perhaps most telling indication of the client’s point of view on the success of the project come in the form of replication. Since launching in Australia, Stanley Black & Decker have engaged WOOF to release similar programs, albeit adjusted for region and brand, for DEWALT New Zealand, Powers Australia, Sidchrome and Irwin Australia & New Zealand.

We identified early on that WOOF was the right agency for us to work with on this opportunity, which was becoming more important in the competitive landscape.  WOOF did a fantastic job of digesting the brief, scoping out and understanding the full opportunity and identifying additional ways in which we could develop it further.  The end result is fantastic and has led to higher increase sales, improvements in end user participation, and most importantly captured data and insights on our end users that we are now able to remarket to.


WOOF are very thorough, bring great ideas to the table and consistently work with speed to ensure they deliver to tight timelines."

Daniel Keyse

Director of Marketing - Stanley Black & Decker Inc

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